The second home of Martijn van der Ven since 2008.


My name is Martijn van der Ven and I have been working on web projects for nearly half of my life. Turning others’ designs into websites, managing community forums, and building CMS, everything requires a tinkerer like me. Maybe we can work together next? Get in touch!

Current Projects


PRISM Break is a community project that collates unencumbered and free alternatives to proprietary software. By recommending only open-source projects it hopes to minimise the number of backdoors that can be used to spy on your digital activity.


PhotoBackup is an open-source mobile application that allows you to instantly back-up your photos to a server of your chosing.

I work on the PHP reference implementation and am invited to help draft the next version of the API.


I have a great interest in the IndieWeb and am working to hook my websites up to it. My progress is tracked on their wiki and I am an active user in the chat.

I hopefully to publish my code soon!

Some Goodies


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